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New Blog Post: Doctor Who meets Le Petite Prince, art nouveau Firefly and a Japanese print by Bill Mudron

New blog post here

Dear Puffin,

Remember the Firefly travel posters I have in my nerd shrine  bathroom? And theart nouveau Doctor Who posters from Bill Mudron, that I talk about constantly? Well, everything seems to have come together. Megan Lara has just released this incredible series of art nouveau, Alphone Mucha style Firefly posters.

I’ve often felt that you can learn a lot about a guy by which Firefly girl he goes for. 99% go for Inara or Kaylee, the occasional one goes for River, but I’ve never once heard a guy go for Zoe. Clearly, none of you have ever been with a warrior woman! Read the rest here

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    I don’t know anything about Firefly, but judging by the posters, Inara Serra would be my choice.
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    I wanted to post this mainly because of the little prince/Doctor who reference (OMG) but also, I thought this was an...
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